Hey guys,

as you have noticed, Karin and I are struggling with keeping up with the blog due to our busy personal lifes. So we finally decided to look for at least one new Admin to start as soon as possible (we already have someone who can start in the summer).

If you are interested in becoming…

i-want-duh-suga-cane inquired:
do you know if theres a track of suga moaning somewhere on tumblr ? (heuheu i naughty naughty)

yes. it’s actually one rapmyeon-biatch and me made… here you go

Anonymous inquired:
Can you give me the link of Jungkook moaning?

here you go, love. ^^

Anonymous inquired:
What's the url of your other blog if you don't mind telling me? I want to check it out

here you go

Anonymous inquired:
is there v moaning ? or jin ?

not yet. When we made the tracks there weren’t enough logs of them. But I plan to try again tomorrow or next weekend.


They are seriously the happiest group you will ever see.

Anonymous inquired:
Do you guys have any moaning tracks of B.A.P?

No, sorry. I always planned on making them but never got to it. There was a track of Zelo floating around somwhere on tumblr though.

Anonymous inquired:
do you have jungkook's moaning tape? I am such a pervert sorry ugh ;-;

here you go ^^

Anonymous inquired:
is there v and jin's moaning audio?

Not yet. Back when we made the audios there just wasn’t enough to put together a proper track. We will see if we can find enough now.