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What songs did bts perform? I'm going to the concert in sweden and i wanted to know

They did no more dream, bulletproof, n.o., boy in luv, jump, attack and 좋아요. I probably forgot one but i just got home and need sleep. HAVE FUN!!!

Done with life…just met bangtan

Asdghjkl… i can’t

It was too perfect!!!!

Okay so we will be leaving for berlin in two hours

i probably won’t be on much, except to give status updates.

if you want to get in touch with me my kakotalk id is yewon188

and my instagram is hanyewonxo

asdfghjkl… i’m gonna see and meet bangtan… is this real?!

rare moment of Suga in a sleeveless shirt THAT MILKY WHITE SKIN

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forever questioning this man.

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This gets me every time.

Jimin starts running, falls, and rolls

Jin’s like “Catch me, Rap Mo- oh crap!” and Rap Mon was like “Dafuq, hyung?”


how did we go from a romantic barbie doll concept to dark neon seizure-inducing derp club

i guess it’s tru what they say about owners looking like their pets~



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