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140819 DARK&WILD Showcase
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'Danger' - BTS (Bangtan Boys).

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오늘 저희 쇼케이스를 보러와 주시고 시청해주신 모든 아미 여러분 정말 감사드립니다~ 이번 활동 때도 저희보다 더 와일드하게 응원 부탁할게요~ 사랑합니돠~~^^

Thank you very much to all the ARMYs who came to watch our showcase as well as the ones who watched (streamed)~ please cheer for us wildly (more than us)~ I love you~~^^

Trans cr; Christie @ bts-trans

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When I was recruited, the other 7 members were all rappers,
so, among them I was the only one that majored in dancing.
I felt like an ugly-duckling among them,
I couldn’t find a way to fit in.
I didn’t want to win over them,
it was more to just buck up and
do my very best. I did my best at rapping
just so that I could fit in with them.
If they were doing some freestyle-raps,
I would try and find the beat and follow along
even if I was bad at it.
I was scared being among them and I was worried.
How can I rap like that?

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